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MossRehab Patient Testimonials

Jay Hallman became a familiar face around the 14-bed unit at MossRehab at Sacred Heart Hospital in 2007. “I know all the names of the nurses and therapists,” he says. “They made a lasting impression.”

Three strokes in one year landed the 78-year-old Allentown resident in the hospital. But each time, he bounced back. “Today is the first time I’ve gone without my leg brace,” he boasted.

After each stroke, Mr. Hallman spent several weeks in the MossRehab unit where he received physical and occupational therapy twice a day. The experience “couldn’t have been better,” he says. “There’s no place like MossRehab. They did a great job.”

His rehabilitation activities involved hand-eye coordination exercises, standing, putting nuts on bolts and pegs in holes of boards, and even cooking. “I do a lot of cooking at home,” he says. He also received speech therapy. 

Patients come to the rehab unit for a variety of reasons – strokes, joint replacements broken hips, amputation, and injuries caused by falls and other accidents.  MossRehab at Sacred Heart Hospital is a small unit and thus, the care received is very personalized. 

Not only is the care personal, but an added advantage of receiving care at MossRehab at Sacred Heart Hospital is the accessibility of Sacred Heart doctors who are accredited at MossRehab. Internists, neurologists, and other Sacred Heart physicians can care for their patients in the unit as individual needs require. “This means a good continuum of care,” explains Dr. Edward Wikoff, clinical director of the unit. “Another doctor, such as a pulmonologist, is five minutes away. Patients don’t have to go across town to be seen. If a patient has diabetes, for example, that problem can be taken care of while the patient is in the unit.”

The rehab unit’s staff consists of Dr. Wikoff as the main physician, physical therapists, occupational therapists, a physical therapy assistant, a certified occupational therapy assistant, and over 12 professional nurses, some of whom are specialty-certified in rehabilitation and case management. “This means they help manage the patient’s whole regimen, coordinate and advocate for the patient, and help facilitate whatever the next step should be in their rehab process,” explains nurse coordinator Tina Roma-Fisher. “We have conversations with the family about when the patient will be ready to go home and what the next steps will be.”

Like Mr. Hallman, Gladys Rothenberger has a high opinion of patient care at MossRehab. “It was a wonderful experience both times. They were very, very good and efficient.” A widow from Allentown, Mrs. Rothenberger was first treated in the unit after a stroke in 2005 when she was 75 years old.

“That was the first time I’d been in a hospital since having babies, and it was a little frightening. But they didn’t make me feel frightened. They were very observant and gave me a lot of attention. Dr. Wikoff was wonderful,” she says. Mrs. Rothenberger returned in 2006 after a knee replacement and spent a week in the unit where she received physical and occupational therapy twice a day. “I was very well pleased,” she adds.

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