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Getting your Medical Records

To get health information from the Sacred Health HeathCare System you must fill out the Authorization to
Release/Obtain Health Information Form and mail the form to:

Sacred Heart Hospital Health Information Management (Medical Records) Office
421 Chew Street
Allentown, PA 18102

Download the Authorization to Release/Obtain Health Information Form

View a Sample Form

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Records

Can I walk-in to the Medical Records office to pick up health information?
No. Because of the high volume of requests we ask that you mail in your Authorization to Release/Obtain Health Information Form in advance. Please call ahead to see if your request has been processed.

Where do I mail the form?
HIM Department
Sacred Heart Hospital
421 Chew Street
Allentown, PA 18102

What phone number do I call?
The phone number is 610-776-4505

What are the hours for the medical records department?
The Health Information Management (HIM) Department hours are:
Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

How soon after a patient is discharged from the hospital can I request health information?
One week for routine or personal requests is generally enough time. After you have mailed in the form please
remember to call the above number to confirm your request has been processed

Is there a cost for a copy of my medical records?
There is a cost for a copy of medical records, unless the patient wants their records sent to a physician. The cost is $0.16 per page if the chart is not being sent to a physician or other medical facility (this cost is state regulated, based on current copy fees and is subject to change without notice.) So, a request for medical records for personal use will be charged a fee. (Patients can avoid being charged by utilizing the Mobile MD Patient Portal. See below.)

Can I request medical information for a family member or friend?
Yes. There is a section on the form where the patient must sign to authorize someone else to obtain their medical records. You must still follow these same procedures.

Do I need to bring identification when I come to pick up the medial records?
Yes, acceptable forms of Identification include a driver’s license, military ID, employee/student ID. Any form of
government, employee, school or other issued identification with a name and picture.

How far back can I request medical information?
State regulations require that we retain records for ten years. If the patient was under 18 years of age when they were in the hospital we must retain the records until the age of majority plus 7 years.

What is Mobile MD Patient Portal?
To access the Sacred Heart’s Patient Portal please click on this link

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