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Medical Care and Billing FAQ

Patients often have questions about their medical care and billing.

Will Sacred Heart HealthCare System provide medical treatment for me if I don’t have health insurance or have only partial health insurance coverage?
Yes. Sacred Heart HealthCare System provides medical care for all people, regardless of ability to pay. Financial assistance is available for medically necessary treatments or procedures if you have no health insurance or have limited or partial coverage. Sacred Heart’s Patient Account Office will work with patients to apply for Medical Assistance.

How is medical assistance eligibility determined?
Sacred Heart HealthCare System will work with you to apply for Medical Assistance. For inpatient health care services, Sacred Heart HealthCare System will work in conjunction with Adreima to help patients apply for medical assistance. Adreima has an office on Sacred Heart Hospital’s campus. For outpatient health care services, patients can apply for Medical Assistance at their local county assistance office, or they can contact the Patient Account Office for guidance through the application process.

If you do not qualify for Medical Assistance, our Patient Account Office will review your financial situation to determine if you meet Sacred Heart HealthCare System’s guidelines for financial assistance. Patients must provide proof of household income and the size of their household. Patients with incomes up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines may receive assistance from Sacred Heart HealthCare System with their medical bills. Each patient case is reviewed on an individual basis to determine eligibility for discounted care.

What if I have no health insurance or partial health insurance coverage and I need emergency care?
Sacred Heart HealthCare System will treat your immediate medical needs first and discuss payment later. Sacred Heart’s Patient Account Office will help you resolve your medical bills after treatment.

What type of payment options do you offer for medical care?
Sacred Heart HealthCare System accepts cash, checks, and credit cards as payment for medical care. We also offer safe, secure online bill payment.

I am an illegal immigrant. If I come to Sacred Heart HealthCare System for medical care, will I be reported to the authorities?
Sacred Heart HealthCare System is a non-reporting health care provider and we keep all personal patient information confidential. We need to know your personal information to determine your eligibility for medical assistance, but we will not report your illegal immigrant status to authorities.
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