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Medical Bill Guide

Understanding your medical bills can be confusing. Your patient statement includes information such as your account number (a separate account number is assigned per date of service), a listing of the date you received medical care, the type of health care service you received, the amount you have already paid for your medical care, and the amount that is still outstanding pending any health insurance or medical assistance payment. If your health insurance provider does not pay the balance in full, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance.

If you have questions about your patient statement, you do not understand your patient statement, or you believe you received a patient statement in error, please call the Patient Account Office at 610-776-4566.

Patient Statement includes the following information:

Patient Visit(s): Date(s) you received medical care
Type of Service: The kind of medical care you received
Account Number(s): Number(s) assigned per date of service
Total Charges: The total cost of the medical care you received
Insurance Payments: The amount your health insurance provider paid to Sacred Heart HealthCare System for the medical care you received
Account Adjustments: A discount passed on from your health insurance provider
Patient Payments: The amount you have already paid for your medical care
What you owe: The amount you owe after any health insurance payment, any account adjustments, and any payments you have already made yourself.

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