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Sacred Heart Hospital Stroke Care

What stroke care does Sacred Heart Hospital provide?
If you enter Sacred Heart Hospital's Emergency Department exhibiting stroke symptoms, a special stroke care team will be immediately alerted that you have arrived so urgent care can be administered as soon as possible. You will:

  • be given a CT scan within 25 minutes, but most often within 10 minutes.
  • have your CT scan interpreted by a board-certified radiologist.
  • be given life-saving medications.
  • be cared for by emergency medicine and critical care nurses certified in stroke care as well as by a multidisciplinary stroke care team.
  • be examined by a board-certified neurologist if a stroke is diagnosed.
The Sacred Heart Hospital Stroke Team is made up of members of the Nursing, Social Services, Speech Pathology, Physical Therapy, Dietary, Occupational Therapy and Pastoral Care Departments.  While you may not see or need to see every team member, they all work with your doctor to design a plan of care to assist with your recovery.  The purpose of the Sacred Heart Hospital Stroke Team is to help you with your recovery and return you to the activities of daily living as soon as possible.
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