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The Sacred Heart Hospital Wellness Navigator assists patients of the Sigal Center in “navigating” the Sacred Heart HealthCare System to improve their health and increase access to care. She will support our patients to help them solve their challenges that prevent them from enjoying good health.  The Wellness Navigator shows patients where to get prescriptions filled, how to find Sacred Heart Hospital physicians and specialists for follow-up visits and how to utilize the Sacred Heart Hospital outpatient services. The Wellness Navigator may also connect people to community resources for solutions and support for other issues that may be causing health care problems within the family.  The Wellness Navigator’s office is located on the first floor of the Sigal Center for Family Medicine.

  • Connecting the community to the services that will improve health and increase access to care
  • Supporting our patients to solve their challenges that prevent good health
  • Helping families find solutions and support in Allentown
  • Conectando la comunidad a los servicios  que mejorará la salud y aumentar el acceso al cuidado medico
  • Apoyar a nuestros pacientes a resolver sus de safíosque impiden una buena salud
  • Ayudar a las familias a encontrar soluciones y soporte en Allentown

Milagro "Millie" Serpas
Sigal Center
450 W. Chew Street
Allentown, PA 18102

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