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Parish Nursing

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Parish nursing is a specialty practice of a registered nurse and a professional model of health ministry. Parish nurses provide holistic nursing care to faith community members across the life span and facilitate wellness and the promotion of a healing community.

Our Mission and Philosophy
The mission of Sacred Heart Hospital is to provide health care and wellness through quality services and programs based on the hospital’s ethical and religious directives.
In keeping with this commitment, the Parish Nursing program seeks to strengthen and reinforce the relationship between health and spirituality by working together with faith communities to promote wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

Sacred Heart Hospital, which had its beginning in Sacred Heart Parish, has been caring for the sick of the community since 1912. The Parish Nursing Program enables Sacred Heart Hospital to return to its original mission of caring for the spiritual needs of the community and the physical needs of the sick.

The programs and services the Parish Nursing Program offer differ from place to place because they are developed based on the needs of the people they serve. Additionally, parish nurses are specially trained to work within faith communities. They focus on strengthening health for the mind, body, and spirit.

Within the Parish Nursing Department/Community Outreach Department is a community outreach staff that focuses specifically on women’s health issues. Like parish nurses, the community outreach staff are health educators, advisors, advocates, and liaisons for the uninsured and underinsured women of the community with an emphasis on breast and gynecological health.

Services Provided

  • Help people of all ages overcome obstacles to obtain the health services they need.
  • Answer questions or concerns about personal health.
  • Help people identify their own health challenges and provide referrals to services needed to meet those challenges.
  • Offer health screenings: community-based health events include blood pressure and health assessments.
  • Provide health information that may be of special interest or importance to the community, such as information concerning insurances, access to care, and bilingual or cultural information.
  • Schedule free screening mammograms and Pap smears for uninsured and underinsured women.

The Parish Nursing Coalition of the Greater Lehigh Valley 
The Parish Nurse Coalition Board is an ecumenical group of community members committed to supporting the Parish Nurse Coalition membership in their ministry. This support is manifested through educational networking meetings, spiritual retreats, and conferences developed for parish nurses by the Parish Nurse Coordinator and the Coalition Board Council members. The Parish Nurse Coordinator is also available as a resource for community services.

For more information about the Parish Nursing Program or the Parish Nursing Coalition, please contact Deb Gilbert, R.N., FCN, Parish Nurse Coordinator at 610-871-5888 or

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