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Bladder Cancer Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Risk Factors

  • Symptoms: Blood in the urine is the main symptom of bladder cancer. You may also feel as if you have to urinate often or you may feel pain when you urinate. Since these symptoms are similar to a urinary tract infection, see your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.
  • Diagnosis: Your doctor will perform a physical exam, including a vaginal or rectal exam. Your urine will also be tested for blood or abnormal cells. Your doctor may also perform a cystoscopy, a test that allows your doctor to look into your bladder with a thin, lighted scope inserted through your urethra.
  • Treatment: Bladder cancer may be treated a variety of ways depending on the stage and extent of the cancer. Surgery may be required to remove any tissue that contains cancer cells. You may undergo chemotherapy, biologic therapy, or radiation. Regular checkups are very important after treatment is completed since bladder cancer has a higher recurrence rate.
  • Risk Factors: The main risk factor for bladder cancer is smoking and tobacco use.
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