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Jane's status at Sacred Heart
Hospital Time: 5/27/2015 11:52:03 AM (Eastern)
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."
-Your Mother

Jane above after her first treatment relaxing in a chair watching tv.


About the Patient

  • Jane Smith
  • Allentown, PA

Hospital Location

  • Sacred Heart Hospital
  • 421 Chew St
  • Allentown, PA 18102
  • 7 Tower
  • Room 701

Contact Information

- Visitors:
Yes, Please visit!
Hours: 9am-4pm
- Phone Calls:
Yes, Taking Calls
Hours: 9am-4pm
Number: 610-776-XXXX
- Email:
Sorry, No Email
Address: N/A

Jane's Background:
The last several years Jane has been having trouble with her joints, and fatigue in general. As most of you know, it has become very serious. She has gone through a series of tests at Sacred Heart, and is now being treated.
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Latest News:
01-10-07 : Jane is undergoing her first treatment and is very excited about the outcome. She knows that it will take several treatments to start to relieve her pain, but is anxious to great the process started. She thanks everyone for their prayers and phone calls.

Previous News:
01/05/07 : All the tests indicate...more...
12/28/06 : She is scheduled...more...
12/17/06 : Jane was admitted...more...

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Entry by: Mark on 01/10/07
Jane, you are in my prayers. I plan on visiting you soon.

Entry by: Melissa on 01/03/07
I was saddened to here of your health problems. We are all pulling for you. John and little Tommy, and Elizabeth say hello, and get well! We wish we could visit, but since we're in California, we'll send you some flowers from the hospital giftshop to cheer you up!

Entry by: Sandra on 12/18/06
Jane - I sent you an e-Greeting from the hospital's web site. I hope it makes you smile! We think of you every day!

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