Keeping your family & friends informed...

To create a Patient Web Page, you will need the Site ID code on the Patient Pulse Information Card you were given at the hospital. Once you enter the code below, you will need the following information to complete the setup process:

Required Information:

  • Patient's Permission to create the site
  • Patient's First & Last Name
  • Create a password for people to view the page
  • Your (Site Controller) First & Last Name
  • Your (Site Controller) Email Address
  • Your (Site Controller) contact phone number
  • A Web Page Title (i.e. "Jane's Hospital Stay Update Page")
  • Are visitors allowed? If so, visiting hours need to be known
  • Are phone calls allowed? If so, phone hours & number need to be known
  • Can the patient receive email? If so, email address can be entered

Optional Information:

  • Patient Middle Initial
  • Patient Location in the hospital (Unit, Room, etc)
  • Patient's Email Address
  • Background information on the patient
  • Choose a background color (or the default color is used)
  • Select a sidebar image
  • Quote & Author (i.e. Inspirational Quote or create one!)
  • Patient Picture & Picture Caption

You need to complete the setup process in one sitting, otherwise you will have to start over. The process should take 10-15 minutes.