Keeping your family & friends informed...

Welcome to the Sacred Heart Hospital's "Patient Pulse". This area of the website is dedicated to the family and friends of our patients. "Patient Pulse" allows a patients' family member or friend to create a web page to keep the patients' family and friends updated on their condition or status.

The site is easy to use, and a web page for a patient can be created quickly!

The web page that you create is protected several ways. All information passing between you and the patient web page (the server) is encrypted. Each patient web page is also protected by a Patient ID and password.

How it works:

  1. A patient gives their permission to a family member, or friend to act as their "Web Page Controller".
  2. The Web Page Controller can then create a web page for the patient. This is an easy 5 step process!
  3. During the web page creation process, the Web Page Controller assigns a password that can be given out to other family members or friends who want to be kept informed about the patient. By using this password with the Patient ID, they can log in here, and view the patients web page, sign the guestbook, and more!

What can be viewed on the Patient's web page?

  • Everything from the patient's phone number, visiting hours, picture, location in the hospital, news updates, guestbooks and much more are available 24 hours a day!

Suggestions on use :

  • Although the content of each patient's web page is controlled by the "Web Page Controller", we recommend not posting confidential patient information. It is ultimately up to the Web Page Controller to use their discretion as to what information to post.
  • Please read our terms of service.