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Sacred Heart Hospital Radiation Awareness

Welcome to Sacred Heart Hospital's Medical Imaging Department.  As part of our commitment to provide medical excellence to our patients, we'd like to supply you with this information on radiation awareness. 

Sacred Heart Hospital is accredited by the American College of Radiology in Computed Tomography (CT), Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasound and Mammography.  Accreditation is earned by organizations that undergo a rigorous inspection and evaluation of equipment and facilities.  Facilities must meet quality and safety guidelines and ensure personnel are educated and certified in medical imaging. 

When you receive a radiology exam, a small amount of radiation will be administered.  Radiation is used daily in hospital and outpatient facilities as part of X-ray, CT scan, Mammography and Nuclear Medicine diagnostic procedures.  These imaging procedures provide important information to your doctor about your health and help ensure that you receive appropriate care.  The amount of radiation used in most examinations is very small and the benefits outweigh the risk of harm. 

Importance of Providing an Accurate History
Technologists and physicians will always take into consideration your past history of exposure to radiation, which is why it is a good idea to keep a record of your exam history for yourself.  This allows your physician(s) to make the best informed decisions when it comes to your care. 

If your condition has resulted in the need for frequent radiology studies, you may wish to speak to your physician about radiation dose if you haven’t done so already.  It is important that all your treating physicians have your complete and accurate imaging history.  

Additional Information

For more information on radiation awareness, please visit