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Family Activated Care Team (F.A.C.T.)

Patients and their families often enter a hospital with a wide range of expectations and misconceptions. However, hospital staff may not be aware of these preconceived ideas and, as a result, may not respond to situations as expected. When this happens, patients and families often feel frustrated, powerless, and unprotected.

Sacred Heart Hospital understands patient and family concerns and is pleased to provide a program aimed at providing much needed support to patients and their families. The Family Activated Care Team (F.A.C.T.) is a hotline that patients and families are encouraged to use to communicate any concerns that they feel are not being addressed. Patients or family members can dial 5555 to reach the hotline from any hospital phone. Signs at the bedside guide the patient or family member to call the hotline if:

  • there is a medical change that is not being recognized by the health care team.
  • there is a concern about the care being delivered and/or confusion about what should be done for the patient.
  • there are problems with the cleanliness of the patient’s room.
  • there are concerns about how quickly questions are answered.
  • or there are questions or concerns about discharge plans.

Quality patient care is our top priority. We hope that F.A.C.T. will help identify critical service issues as well as give patients and their families a greater sense of security. Please call ext. 5555 to contact F.A.C.T. about your concerns.