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Admission Information

Admission InformationPre-Admission Testing
Your doctor may want to have diagnostic tests performed before you enter the hospital. Pre-admission testing can help shorten your hospital stay and keep health care costs down. Your pre-admission testing coordinator will contact you to schedule an appointment 1 – 2 weeks before your procedure.

Before you come to Sacred Heart Hospital, your doctor will check off all tests that need to be done on a comprehensive pre-admission testing form to prepare you for your inpatient or outpatient procedure.

The pre-admission testing coordinator will arrange your day to help eliminate delays on the day of surgery. For your convenience, all pre-admission procedures will be performed in pre-admission testing located in the Patient Registration suite.

Express Admit
Patients who have had pre-admission testing are eligible for Express Admit. Express Admit patients may proceed directly to the Short Procedure Unit (SPU) on the 4th floor of the hospital on the day of their procedure. Patients do not need to report to Patient Registration.

In the late afternoon or evening before your admission, we will call you at home or work to give you the time you need to arrive at the hospital and give you pre-procedure instructions. Directions will be given to you at this time.

Pre-Certification Approval Statement
If you need a pre-certification approval statement, bring it with you on the day of your pre-admission testing. If you are not scheduled for pre-admission testing, bring it on the day of your admission.

Many health insurance companies require certification that a hospital stay is necessary before they will pay for services. You should determine whether your insurance company requires this pre-certification approval for your admission. Your insurance company or your employer can answer this question.

Things to Remember to Bring

  • Completed insurance forms
  • Insurance cards
  • Medicare cards
  • Medicaid cards
  • HMO or any referral forms
  • Copy of a living will or advance directive
  • Pre-certification approval statement
  • Bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Writing materials

Please Don’t Bring

  • Valuables
  • Personal or household electrical appliances

Privacy Policy
Each patient receives a copy of Sacred Heart Hospital’s Privacy Notice at the time he/she registers for a test/service or is admitted. The notice describes how our HealthCare System safeguards patient information. Please direct any questions to:

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Privacy Officer
c/o Sacred Heart HealthCare System
421 Chew Street
Allentown, PA 18102

Social Work
The Social Work Department is available to all patients and families throughout Sacred Heart HealthCare System, offering both practical and emotional support. A social worker can work with you and your family to assess your individual needs, share information, and link you to available community resources prior to discharge. If you need further assistance, please contact:
Social Work Department: 610-776-4918.

Patient and Family Concerns
Please refer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your care at Sacred Heart Hospital to your physician or to Sacred Heart Hospital’s Family Activated Care Team (F.A.C.T.) line at ext. 5555. If you are not satisfied with the hospital’s response to your questions or concerns, you may contact:
Pennsylvania Department of Health: 610-861-2121
The Joint Commission: 800-994-6610

The television service is automatically charged to patients, payable upon discharge. Patients electing not to use the television service should indicate this when admitted to the hospital.

Patients will incur a basic daily charge for use of in-room phones. To make a local call, dial “9,” wait for the second dial tone, then dial the number.

Long-distance calls or calls out of the local area code must be billed to a credit card or to a third party telephone number. To make a call, dial “8,” wait for the second dial tone, then dial “0” for calls within the 610 area code or “00” for calls outside the 610 area code. A telephone operator will then come on the line to assist you. To make a 1-800 call, dial “9,” wait for the second dial tone, then dial the number.

TTY Telephones
TeleTyperwriter (TTY) telephones are available for use by people who are hearing or speech impaired. The phones allow one to “talk” to others by typing messages back and forth over telephone lines. Please inform your nurse or caregiver if this service is required.

Cell Phones
The use of transmitting devices is specifically restricted within 3 feet of a patient treatment area. Patients and visitors are asked to refrain from use of such devices and to leave cell phones in the OFF position in these areas.

Mail, Flowers, and Packages
Mail is delivered to your room every morning, Monday – Friday. Mail received after you are discharged will be forwarded to your home. Flowers and packages are delivered to your room by one of our volunteers. Flowers, balloons, and gift baskets are not permitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Newspapers, Books, Magazines, Gifts, and Snacks
A free copy of The Morning Call newspaper will be delivered to patients upon their request. Patients may request the newspaper by calling ext. 4770. Magazines, books, gifts, and snack items (if allowed by your diet) are available in the Tower Gift Shop. If you are interested in purchasing something from the Tower Gift Shop, please call ext. 4812.

Smoking Policy
Sacred Heart Hospital is a smoke-free health care campus. By adopting a tobacco-free environment, Sacred Heart is helping address a number of health risks for employees, patients, and their families.

For your convenience, an ATM is available at Sacred Heart Hospital. The ATM is located on the 2nd floor down the hall from the cafeteria.

Bilingual Interpreters
Sacred Heart Hospital recognizes the special communication needs of patients and their families. We have interpreter services available for patients who are unable to speak English. If you need this service, please inform your nurse or caregiver.

Environmental Services

Patient rooms are cleaned daily; bed linens are changed as needed. If you have questions or problems, call or page the housekeeping supervisor by contacting the hospital operator or your caregiver.