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Wound Care - Where can I go?

If you have a wound and are not sure if you need the services of the Comprehensive Wound Healing Center, please feel free to call us at 610-776-5930. A trained wound healing specialist will be happy to discuss your concerns with you and make some recommendations regarding your follow-up care. Some of the criteria which may lead to a wound care evaluation are:

  • When the wound is complicated by significant co-existing conditions including diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, persistent edema, persistent infection, prior radiation treatment to the area, or compromised immune status
  • The wound has failed to show significant progress in 4 weeks of standard care
  • When the wound involves deep tissue structures or is limb or life threatening

If you are troubled by a wound that won’t heal, call your primary care physician or the Comprehensive Wound Healing Center at 610-776-5930. Your primary care physician and our specially trained wound care team can help you decide if you need specialized treatment.

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