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TCF Services

TCFIn TCF, we offer a wide variety of services. Our interdisciplinary team approach ensures that we provide the highest quality of evidence-based care to meet resident and family needs.

TCF Services
While in TCF, residents may receive:

  • comprehensive medical care
  • physiatry
  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • speech therapy
  • respiratory therapy
  • enterostomal therapy
  • social services
  • dietary consults
  • recreational therapy

Skilled Nursing Services
While in TCF, residents may receive skilled nursing services such as:

  • IV therapy services including antibiotics, blood products, total parenteral nutrition, and catheter care
  • pain management
  • comprehensive wound care
  • tracheostomy care
  • tube feedings management
  • bowel/bladder management/colostomy care

Rehabilitation Services
Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists treat residents with a wide range of conditions. The therapists provide comprehensive evaluations and treatment plans for residents in the sub-acute recovery stage following surgery or acquired illness.

Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists evaluate each resident’s joint motion, muscle strength, endurance, tone, functional ability, balance, and walking safety and quality. A comprehensive program is then created to meet a resident’s individual needs. Some therapeutic interventions that could be used include:

  • therapeutic modalities
  • exercise
  • balance/vestibular exercise
  • gait training
  • functional mobility training
  • joint mobilization
  • brace and artificial limb assessment
  • wheelchair management
  • tai chi

Occupational Therapy
Our occupational therapists perform evaluations to determine each resident’s baseline functional and cognitive status. A treatment plan is then designed to improve function and independence in daily activities. Some therapeutic activities included in occupational therapy are:

  • customized splinting to protect injury or for positioning
  • self-care training
  • cognitive skills training
  • exercise programs to improve range of motion, strength, and endurance
  • community reintegration programs
  • functional mobility training
  • education and distribution of self-care aids

Speech Therapy
Our speech pathologist develops innovative and effective treatment programs after a communication or swallowing disorder is diagnosed. Our pathologist commonly works with residents with the following:

  • issues with listening, reading, writing, or speaking
  • speech disorders
  • issues with memory, organization, or thinking skills
  • swallowing disorders
  • voice disorders

Social Services
Our social worker meets with each resident and their family to:

  • discuss and evaluate psychosocial and emotional needs
  • act as an advocate and information liaison
  • educate about and arrange community resources and services such as adaptive medical equipment, in-home services, visiting nurses and insurance benefits (veterans benefits, county and state programs)
  • coordinate a safe discharge plan to the most independent environment possible

Other Services
Other services provided by our TCF team include:

  • congestive heart failure (CHF) education
  • post-stroke education
  • post-heart attack education
  • diabetes education

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