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Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral HealthSacred Heart Hospital provides inpatient hospitalization programs for adults (18 – 54 years of age) and older adults (55 years of age and older). Patients typically remain in an inpatient hospitalization program for 5-10 days based upon the multidisciplinary plan of care, and our behavioral health services team can help arrange for appropriate outpatient care and treatment once patients are discharged. Patients receive care from a behavioral health services team that includes medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, physician extenders, neurologists, mental health technicians, licensed clinical social workers, case managers, occupational therapists, and more.

Patients can be admitted to one of Sacred Heart Hospital’s behavioral health inpatient units several ways:

  • A patient may be brought in to the Emergency Room because he/she is experiencing suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, severe paranoia, or homicidal ideations, or he/she is demonstrating an inability to perform daily living activities. If nothing is found to be physically affecting the patient, the patient will be assessed by a crisis intervention specialist, who will help determine if the patient should be admitted to one of the behavioral health inpatient units.
  • A patient may be transferred to Sacred Heart Hospital from another hospital for behavioral health inpatient services.

A patient may be admitted to one of Sacred Heart Hospital’s behavioral health inpatient units voluntarily (of his/her own free will) or involuntarily. A patient will be admitted involuntarily if he/she poses a danger to himself/herself or others, is experiencing severe impairment in performing daily living activities, or has intent to act upon suicidal plans or homicidal ideations. A patient may also be admitted involuntarily if he/she is under the guardianship of another adult, and the guardian believes the patient needs inpatient treatment and the patient fits the behavioral health inpatient hospitalization criteria.

Sacred Heart Hospital houses two behavioral health inpatient units, the Adult Psychiatric Unit (APU) and the Older Adult Behavioral Medicine Center (OABMC). To learn more about these units, please click on the links at left.

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