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 Posted 1/11/2014 8:45:57 AM
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I had my surgery on March 6, 2012.  Starting out at 302, I dropped to 146, then bounced up to 155 after the first year.  Dr. Holland expected me to gain about ten pounds in the second year, but it hasn't happened.  Right now, I hover anywhere between 155 and 160.  I can be 159 one day, then have a big bowl movement, and be back to 155.5, like this morning.  I think at this point my weight has stabilized, as it never seems to change.  Of course, neither has my meal plan, as I'm eating the same way I did at the one year anniversary.

Of course, a lot of people would regard my meal plan as boring, as it never varies.  I'm still eating mostly protein, but I do jazz it up with all sorts of weird things. For example, my morning meal is an omelet made with one egg and some cheese, with one strip of bacon and a half a sandwich thin with Smart Balance.  But I scramble the egg with different stuff in it, like ground mustard seed or turmeric or ground chili pepper.  For lunch I'll steam a piece of fish (usually frozen) but marinated in something like chicken broth or Thai fish sauce or soy sauce with garlic powder in it, and have two table spoons of steamed vegies with it or an ear of corn I steam with it.  In the evening I'll fry up three slices of pork loin or London Broil in a pan, but smear it up with something pungent, like jarred Indian spices or curry paste or something equally disgusting, or maybe some Worcestershire sauce, also with vegies.  If I'm up late, I'll repeat one of those meals again, not to mention the bowl of instant oatmeal I always have before bed with a scoop of Pure Protein powder mixed in (sweetened with some Mocha or caramel zero calorie syrup from "Skinny Syrup" (available at Bed, Bath and Beyond) or with Williams zero calorie syrup from the Giant (it's in the isle that has the cooking oil).

When you think about it, that's a lot of food, and sometimes I'll snack on as many as two apples or a clementine.  I also eat pickles as an appetizer before almost every meal.  Go figure.  Sometimes I'll even have an ice cream pop from Weight Watchers, or a bag of microwave pop corn; not the best things to eat, but what the hell.

I was on a road trip last summer, and spent three weeks eating only in restaurants and came home having gained almost ten pounds; but, after returning to the routine above, was back down to 155-160 within two weeks.

After two years, I guess you could say it's been a great success.  I certainly have no regrets.

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RNY March 6, 2012, by Dr. Holland
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 Posted 1/11/2014 2:16:31 PM
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Happy New Year, Fr. Michael.  The reason you are successful is because you have established a healthy regimen and eating routine with portion control and it is okay for the foods to be boring.   After all, now we eat to live not live to eat.  What a change of perspective.   You spice up your cuisine with Indian spices for flavor.  That is creative cooking.  You are maintaining your weight well.  How is the exercise coming along?  What form of exercise do you do?

How do you handle parishioners who insist on baking you sweets or taking you out to dinners?  Just curious.

I recently went on vacation to Florida and we ate our lunches and dinners at Whole Foods because it was near our hotel.  This was creative on our part and we saved much money dining at Whole Foods and consuming healthy, small portions.  No wastefulness here.

I am maintaining well at 4 1/2 years post op.  I follow the 30-60 rule, eat 1 cup of food at every meal with one planned snack and exercise 5 miles every day with a combination of walking, running, aerobics, hiking, biking, zumba, yoga, etc.

Wishing you continued success.


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 Posted 11/16/2014 8:07:17 PM
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Father Michael, very creative cooking !!!  Dr. Holland is my surgeon too. I expect to  get a
surgery date in December of 2014. Wish it was tomorrow !

Mary Louise A. Zakrewski

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