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 Posted 4/27/2013 12:30:06 PM
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So yesterday I was having some smoked swiss cheese.  Immediately afterward I felt awful.  I was afraid that I was experiencing dumping syndrome as I have not experienced this yet.  5 hours later I was still suffering abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, cold sweats.  I decided to go to the local e.r.  Turned out to be a kidney stone.  My question is for those of you who have suffered trough both of these experiences, are they similar?  i could not understand why the cheese was giving me dumping, and as it turned out it wasn't.  I would just like to know how similar these two things are.

Scott Brown   Roux-En- Y Gastric Bypass 11/12/12
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 Posted 4/28/2013 12:21:54 AM
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Scott, Sorry to hear about your mishap stemming from eating smoked Swiss cheese and ending up in the ER for kidney stones.

Dumping syndrome occurs when bariatric patients eat sugary fatty foods and the heart begins to race and the person is sweating and feels like he is having a heart attack.  Sometimes the food comes back up and then goes down again.   The person feels anxious and panic striken due to racing heart.  It stops after about 20-30 minutes.  (This happened only once to me at Red Lobster when I ate coconut shrimp with pineapple sauce---sugary and fatty and salty---I thought I was going to throw up but didn't, had a racing heart and sweating, called my bariatric nurse from St. Luke's Hospital- Terri Davis who she told me that I was having a dumping episode.)  This happened once sometime during the first year post op in 2009.

On 2/3/2010, I ended up at the ER due to severe pains in the abdomen, right back and lower back after eating a light breakfast with an egg and WW cheese stick.  They found nothing but thought that I passed a kidney stone.  Apparently, crystallization occurs often in 15% or more of weight loss patients, I was told due to rapid weight loss causing the stones.  Since 2010, I have had no problems.

Both occurrences felt different from each other.

Scott, perhaps you associated eating the smoked Swiss cheese with ending up in ER.  The fat in the cheese could have aggravated the crystallization of kidney stones and the pain is intense, but it is very different from feeling like you are having a heart attack when dumping syndrome occurs.

Apparently, a high percentage of weight loss patients pass kidney stones or have gall bladder issues due to the weight loss causing internal changes.


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