Two Weeks Post Op -_-
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By NewLife - 8/29/2013 7:55:13 AM
I had surgery two weeks ago..  Pain in very minimal, I am trying to keep myself busy... my belly says I am not hungry but my brain says I am suppose to eat. Emotionally very difficult... 
By MamaBear2_6 - 8/29/2013 8:19:35 AM
That is one of the first things Dr. Holland mentioned, touching his stomach he said he performs surgery "here" not here (then touches his head).

I had to come to terms that I am a stress eater.  I didn't think I was but when my daughter went off to college boy did I find out I am most assuredly a stress eater.  I have overcome that Smile

Don't push yourself however.  Eat the three meals as you are suppose to, small amounts and keep well hydrated.  This is key to the success once your body does tell you, you are hungry.

Congrats and welcome to the club!!!
By NewLife - 8/29/2013 9:11:45 AM
Thank you.... baby steps I keep telling myself... 
By Nadia - 8/29/2013 11:06:36 AM
Newlife, Congratulations on your surgery!  You are progressing well in 2 weeks.  Keeping busy and especially keeping your hands busy will keep your mind on other things, other than food.  You see, during 99% of the time when we feel the urge to eat, it is truly "head hunger" calling our name and we are not truly hungry.  Food is a stress reliever and something to do.  We have been programmed to center our lives around food for so long.  However, 1% of the time, it is real hunger.  It took me a while to master this.....

So what to do about it???  What Marcey wrote that Dr. Holland said is absolutely correct.  He performs the surgery on our bodies but not on our brains/minds and that is where the trouble lies...

So what can we do??? 

1.  Acknowledge that it is head hunger calling us.  Refuse to give in.  Do other things.  Only eat 3 times per day and stay out of the kitchen or wherever food is kept.  Find other things(activities) to replace food.

For example, I take walks.  I walk/run/jog/do aerobics/ dance/zumba.... or listen to music, clean the house, call a friend.

2.  I recreated a PSYCHOLOGY SHEET of things to do besides eat....when trouble calls... I refer to it and get out of the house and anywhere there is food.  It works for me.  I have mastered this.  ( I am 4 years post op and it does not get any easier.)

3.  If you are encountering an "empty nest syndrome", get out and volunteer.  Join different groups that serve your interests. CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES SLOWLY. 

Good luck with things.  I am batting for you!  It is do-able.  One step at a time.....

By NewLife - 8/29/2013 11:16:21 AM
Thank u SOOOO much... I printed this and will post on my fridge, bathroom and wherever else... I know I am just goind through a hard time right now.. thank u for the support Smile
By Nadia - 8/29/2013 12:47:52 PM
NewLife, I am glad to help.  Work on a strategy on what YOU will do when head hunger occurs and be ready to deal with it.  The ideas have to ring true to you.

The 100 activities I created for myself, are things that ring true for me if I am in a bind. 

I do not take credit for that idea.  In fact, my friends in the medical profession helped me with this significantly in the  beginning when I was having trouble transitioning from being a fat person into a fit person...they were the bariatric social workers and nurses, dietitians and counselors, who have advanced degrees in their respective fields, and who were with me before and after my bariatric surgery at meetings and support groups and pep rallies.  Those friendships last FOREVER.  These people really care about our success. 

I just know that WHEN I heed their advice, I am successful.  When I do things on a whim, they may lead me down the wrong path.

I  guess that I like rules and structure.  And I have fear---a good fear---I never want to be fat ever again.

Is life easy???  No.  But have a plan.  Plan A.  Plan B.   Plan C.  Etc. 

Wishing you wellness always, my bariatric friend.