Why Running Is Healthy For You

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By Nadia - 7/7/2013 7:47:06 PM
In the recent issue of Runner's World magazine, Kit Fox writes 9 reasons why running is good for us.  I want to share his 9 points today.

1.  The impact of running can increase cartilage production that can safeguard your joints from arthritis.

2.  Running sharpens hearing with improved circulation to the ear.

3.  Fewer damaged cells develop.

4.  Running betas migraines.

5.  Running triggers mesenchymal stem cells to spur other cells to generate new muscle.

6.  Running eases anxiety.

7.  Running prevents cancer.  (A Finnish study was cited in which 2,560 middle-aged men were followed for 17 years; the active ones who   were runners, were the least likely to die from cancer.  The more intense the exercise, the better, they found.)

8.  Running increases brainpower and improves cognitive function.

9.  Running strengthens bones just like any weight-bearing exercise which increases bone density, which guards against fractures.
By CruiseCarrie123 - 12/7/2013 2:20:59 AM
Running compared to walking is effective..Due to running our body gets tired and sweat comes out from our body which has very become rare in todays day to day life  as we all sit in air conditioners or fans..Due to the running activity blood supply becomes regular in our body..Our skin starts glowing as if we have applied Natural Skin Care Products.
By Nadia - 12/7/2013 3:47:24 AM
Good observation.