the best way to get comfortable??
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By Ashleigh - 4/11/2013 12:38:20 PM
How did everyone get comfortable after surgery its so hard for me to get comfortable help
By Nadia - 4/11/2013 1:59:17 PM
It was easier to sleep in a recliner than in a bed.  Every movement was done in a slow motion fashion.  I kept a small pillow nearby to hold against my belly in case I needed to cough.  
By busyrn - 4/11/2013 3:01:32 PM
As a nurse, I would tell my post op pt make sure you take your pain medication before the pain gets out of control and make sure you are using a pillow to splint your abd when moving,coughing etc...continue to do your walking and deep breathing exercises.  Remember the pain will pass light is at the end of the tunnel.