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By Jenjentut - 1/31/2013 4:30:33 PM
Hi there. My name is Jen and I have been thinking about getting the bypass surgery for two years now.  I have made a decision that I know will change the rest of my life. Now that this has become a reality for me (surgery date has been set for march 4th) the nerves have started. I am assuming my feelings are normal and thought that I would just write my feelings here. Thanks for reading if you did......
By Nadia - 2/1/2013 12:47:56 AM
Congratulations on your decision to improve your health and lifestyle.  It is very possible to change, but this change will be permanent.  I have been post-op for 3 1/2 years and living life to the maxx, which I could not do before due to obesity, but I do not use alcohol, no  more carbonated beverages like Diet Coke forever, and daily exercise is a must for me.  Those are positive changes that I have made and I am satisfied with my decision to have had RNY surgery with Dr. Holland.

It is a very personal decision to have or not to have surgery.  It is NOT the easy way out by any account because caution is needed the rest of your life regarding exercise and eating or there can be weight regain.

I think it is worse to do nothing about the weight problem and eventually die of comorbidies than to take a chance and have the RNY surgery that will improve the quality of your life IF you are willing to change everything from what it is pre=op!!!

Good luck!
By MamaBear2_6 - 2/1/2013 8:42:31 AM
Congrats Jen on making the decision.  First, YES, YES, those feelings are very normal.

It also took me about 2 years before I committed but once I did, that was it, and I had the surgery, best decision I ever made.

This is a huge decision, not simply something that one decides and then goes about their life as if they did before without making any changes.  This is a life changing decision and surgery.  With that decision means life changing habits as well.  I am sure you are up to the task and if you ever need anything, please, here is the place to talk as is support group on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

You are among friends!!!