Hard stools and stopped up toilets.

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By Fr Michael - 1/10/2013 5:20:12 PM

Believe it or not, I'm still on analmost all protein diet, though I've been adding a few veggies andfewer carbs over the last month. My daily diet is usually this:

     Breakfast: one egg, one strip of turkeybacon, and on half of a whole wheat sandwich thin with Smart Balance.  This seems to never vary.

     Main Meal: either steak or fish. Forthe steak, I'm pretty picky, so I don't have it that often because Idon't like the cheap cuts. So, it's either a strip steak or atenderloin, which I cook in my Orgreenic pan with Pam. For the fish,I like tuna steak or sword fish or cod (which I had today), or sole,or talapia. Usually I buy the bags of the frozen ones, but once in awhile a fresh one. I steam them in a steaming pot. I usuallyprepare some sort of vegetable with it, either steaming it with thefish, or frying it with the steak. Today I steamed a cod and a smallear of corn. With a steak, I usually but a few spring onions in thepan, or some canned mushrooms. I'm also known to buy canned spinachor green beans. I prefer canned because I may not eat them for awhile. The main meal may be at midday, but sometimes in the evening.

     The remaining meal is not at a settime, and may not occur at all, though it is happening more and moreas I find myself hungry. Sometimes it consists of an apple, anorange and a banana all cut up in a bowl, with orange Crystal Litepoured over it, kind of like a fruit soup. When I'm especiallyhungry, I'll slice off a couple of slices cross-wise off of a porktenderloin and cook it in the pan with Smart Balance cooking oil.  If I'm feeling constipated, I have some instant oat meal.

     One thing I've found is that I'mbecoming addicted to spices, and especially soy sauce, so much sothat on those few occasions where I've compelled to eat out, I findthe meat or fish totally bland.

     At this point, my weight seems to havestopped at about 151 lbs, down from 302. At least I haven't put anyon since I had lost the first 150.

     All that is background and may beextraneous to the real reason for the post, which is what's in thesubject header; but I thought what I'm eating was relevant. Mystools are painfully hard and of particularly high volume. Everybowl movement stops up the toilet. They look nice and brown andhonest, but they're large and hard. I don't know what the thinkinghere is about stool softeners, but I know there's a few out there. Ialso have a lot of gas. I'm wondering if anyone else has had thisproblem and what they might have done about it.


By Nadia - 1/11/2013 12:40:17 AM
Fr. Michael,  Hard stools backing up the toilets is normal for bariatric patients, especially at the beginning due to a mostly protein diets which we are required to follow.  Later on, when we eat more natural fibers and more carbohydrates, that problem will cease.  So have the plunger ready for the time being.  It may last for a few months.  Be patient. 

Although you can get some relief.  I took prunes and vitamin e daily on my own.  It may be too early for you.

How about some fiber over the counter product for right now?  I know that it is allowed.  I just never used it to recommend a brand to you.  Maybe another bariatric patient can recommend that to you or one of the nurses here.

I know that people take fiber in the beginning of they are backed up.

Your menu plans are excellent and you are following everything correctly.
By Fr Michael - 1/11/2013 4:31:38 AM
Thanks for the words of encouragement.  I did pick up a bottle of pro-biotic fiber chews (sugar free, of course), but I've not taken a lot of them since they taste quite chalky and nasty.  Actually, Fiber One cereal works better, but I don't always do too well with milk, even non-fat; at least not yet.  I do better with oat meal when it's mixed with water, or cream of wheat, or even grits.
By Nadia - 1/12/2013 1:25:12 AM
How is it working out?

I eat the old-fashioned oatmeal each day and 1-2 prunes and I am regular.  Once in a blue moon when I go out and eat steak or any hard meat, I need to get out the good old plunger!  HA!