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By nickyfrompa - 12/9/2012 12:57:03 AM
Hello everyone!  It's been a while since I have been on here and our support group! I moved back to NJ a few months ago.  Been busy busy!  I have some questions.  I know I am still in the honeymoon phase I assume.  My 1 year was 9/26! Going from 306 day of to 135 now is amazing.  I am having an issue consuming anything solid.  It has been like this for months now.  When I do I get a very sharp pain in my belly and my pouch rejects it right away.  I have had every test done to me to find out nothing.  Only soft foods and boost shakes to keep my weight up because it kept dropping.  I was in the hospital a few months ago due to a blood clot and that's when everything went down hill.  I stopped eating right, totally went off track,  i feel like I cant even sit for 30 minutes now a days to eat anything.  Everything is on the go and for some reason I can tolerate sweets more than I would like to.  I do not want any regain, but I feel like I need a jump start.  Should I just start liquids for a day then move right back up the phase ladder again?  I just want to be able to eat normal again and get off the shakes and cottage cheese.  I need my energy and nutrition back.  I want my healthy lifestyle back now the question is will my body let me?  Feed back please!!!  

FYI I did just make an appt with Dr.Holland Smile  I hope he can fix me lol
By Nadia - 12/9/2012 1:15:26 PM
Hi Nicky!   Sorry to hear about your troubles (blood clots etc.).  Making an appointment with Dr. Holland is a great first step to getting back on track.  Perhaps you are overeating due to stress.  Try to find ways to alter your behavior.  Get back to 3 meals per day if possible and a 200 calorie or lower snack.  Get back to basics.  Are you exercising?  If not, do it.  Are you following the 30-60 rule for eating/drinking?  If not, do it.  It is also important to attend support group.  This definitely helps when I talk to the nurses and bariatric social workers, as well as, other bariatrics who came before me.
By MamaBear2_6 - 12/10/2012 6:44:38 AM
Nicky, wow, you did amazing... I can truly understand why you would want to keep that healthy lifestyle. 

Calling Dr. Holland is a great first step.  I'm sorry about the other health issues, that must have been very scary.  I hope everything is resolved.

If you aren't able to eat anything but soft foods, probably keeping the soft foods is best until you can see him.  There may be tests that he can do or he may even know what else to do to help you.

I know for me, if I eat a food that my stomach does not want I will not feel well. I don't recall getting a sharp pain but I really have the feeling I'm going to be sick, not always that far but it is enough for the feeling to stop me from continuing to eat that food.

That 30 minutes to take for lunch is the hardest.  I've worked out breakfast as I drive an hour to work but lunch is the hardest.  Dinner is okay also but I know what you mean about taking that 30 minutes.  It is important to do so however. I also feel terrible if I eat too fast.  I hope all you are experiencing is that and there is nothing else wrong.

I do not tolerate sweets well but I do tolerate some foods that are higher in fat (the good fats) but I still watch everything I eat and try to count as much as I can for fats and sugars.

I am only 11 months out and I have had 1 fork-full of piece of pie.  It sat but I knew if I ate more, I would want more so I don't because like you, I don't want to regain anything.  I might not yet but if I find out I can tolerate sweets, I most definitely have the predisposition to...

Good luck and please keep us updated.

Congrats on moving, hope that wasn't too stressful for you and it was for the better.
By nickyfrompa - 12/10/2012 1:08:04 PM
i still watch calories and stuff all the time.  I don't feel like im slipping.  I have not gained any weight back and do not intend to at all lol. I just dont understand why the pouch is rejecting anything good for me.  I have been doing the slider foods alot often like yogurts and soups only because i dont feel sick.  I tried some baked chicken last night and I could not tolerate it.  This just doesnt make sense.  Im not sure if its from the clot or what because it is near the lower intestine. It is just all overwhelming for me lately :/  I hope he can figure out this mishmosh mess lol
By MamaBear2_6 - 12/11/2012 3:30:41 AM
Nicki, I'm sure Dr. Holland can figure it out. Please keep us updated.

Good health to you.
By Nadia - 12/12/2012 12:42:21 AM
Nicky, When is your appt. with Dr. Holland?  I have an appt. with him on Fri. Dec. 21st at 11:00 a.m.  Maybe I will see you there.