I am so ready for Monday to come.

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By jujubee79 - 11/27/2012 10:21:37 AM
So I did all my pre admission testing today,and met with Dr. Holland, all ready to go... can't wait till Monday. the new me will be here soonBigGrin will let everyone know what time surgery is, talk to you soon...
By Nadia - 11/27/2012 1:54:58 PM
Remember after surgery, walk the halls in the hospital a lot, sip water and rest in between.  The more you move, the better you will feel as the surgery gas leaves you.
By jujubee79 - 11/29/2012 6:46:33 AM
Thank you Nadia I will do that. I really appreciate the support I am getting from everyone. Thank you all.BigGrin
By Nadia - 12/1/2012 6:05:18 AM
You will get through this weekend and Monday!  Wishing you wellness and a great future.