3 weeks to go

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By Sdbrown72 - 10/24/2012 9:35:17 AM
Getting a little nervous realizing that after six months of waiting this is really going to happen.  Any pointers from folks who have gone through the gastric by pass procedure. Some real life tales are always great to help.  Anything that you think that isn't in the handbook would be helpful as well.


By Nadia - 10/25/2012 12:48:41 AM
Scott, This is one exciting weight loss journey.  Things are going to change in the future.  You will be getting healthy, developing new interests, new friends, new hobbies and a new way of life.  Scary at first, but well worth it!

1.  Bring a small pillow to the hospital on surgery day.  When you are released, you will need to hold the pillow to your stomach not to feel the cracks on the highway (very painful).

2.  After surgery, sip water and walk the hallways even if you do not feel like it.  Walking relieves the gas pains after surgery.

3.  Prior to surgery, clean house and clean all bad foods....therapeutic and erasing the old life ritual and setting up new habits of only healthy choices for the future.

4.  Exercise everday whether you feel like it or not.  That is the key to permanent weight loss and keeping the weight off.

5.  You will need to shop at Second Hand stores because post op your body will be losing weight quickly and you will be dropping sizes fast, so as not to waste money on clothes, shop second hand for a while until maintenance.

Good luck to you!
By MamaBear2_6 - 11/2/2012 6:47:29 AM
Sorry I missed this Scott. So glad you are taking the steps to change your life.  As Nadia mentioned, this is life changing, a whole new way of looking at not only the food we ate but now eat and the world around us.

Remember to always be kind to yourself.  If you think you aren't doing something properly or feeling alone, always, jump online or contact the support group.  We are all here to help.

Make sure to follow the pouch rules and yes, exercise, recovery depends mostly on our mental state and protein.

By Nadia - 11/6/2012 12:46:02 AM
"Make sure to follow the pouch rules and yes, exercise, recovery depends mostly on our mental state and protein."

That quote from above is a good and accurate assessment.  Be good to yourself and always be in a positive mind set.
By Carey303 - 11/7/2012 5:43:34 AM
Haven't been on here in a little while and I feel bad about it. It has been a busy couple of months for me. I will agree with everything that Marcey and Nadia have said. THe thing that was hardest for me after the surgery was getting up and moving. I was very tired and didn't really want to get up out of bed. No matter how tired you are, DO IT. The more the move, the quicker you feel like you are getting back to normal. I am glad that I looked through many of the posts on here to gather helpful hints. I would have to say that the pillow for the ride home and the get moving thing were the two best pieces of info that I got, at least for the hospital part. Good luck and like Marcey said, support is only a click away.
By Nadia - 11/8/2012 2:59:51 PM
Carey is correct about moving post op whether you feel like it or not because it helps you to feel better by ridding you of surgery gas.
By MamaBear2_6 - 11/15/2012 9:14:12 AM
Let us know how you feel...  hope you are doing well!!
By Meg - 11/15/2012 10:13:39 AM

I LOVE your new profile pic! Looking fabulous!
By MamaBear2_6 - 11/15/2012 10:17:26 AM
Thanks Meghan, I feel so good I can't even tell you.  Thank you, Dr. Holland and ALL your staff for everything you have given me back.  I am truly blessed from the Insurance company who paid for the surgery to my children and husband who put up with me and even being ill in those first few months... but I'm doing well!!!

Love you all!!!