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By MegsBlueEyes - 7/17/2012 6:37:02 AM
Was my post about our dietician REMOVED?

I don't think that was right.  I spent a lot of time drafting that post.

I think Lisa Close deserves PRAISE for all that she has done for this program.

I am highly DISGUSTED.
By Nadia - 7/17/2012 5:17:47 PM
Oh!?  Maybe it was inadvertently deleted in error somehow?  Megs, I know that you spent a lot of time and effort writing praises for Lisa Close.  She is a fabulous dietitian.  Isn't she?  Everybody on the bariatric forum knows that.  Lisa absolutely deserves praise.  She is very knowledgeable in nutrition.  I want to add that I especially liked how Lisa and Meg and Dr. Okolica led the warm up exercises at Trexler Park recently.  It was fun.  Praises to you all.
By MegsBlueEyes - 7/19/2012 7:30:24 AM
I was emailed by Meghan from the office & fully understand the situation.

By Lisa RD - 7/26/2012 2:40:50 AM
Thanks Nadia and Meg for your support!  It's nice to be loved!!!BigGrin
By MegsBlueEyes - 7/27/2012 4:46:35 AM
You surely are loved Lisa!  Going through the WLS program for almost 6 years now (pre & post op), you have helped me & many many others tremendously!  You will always be "my dietician".  I'm guessing you must be on vacation - so enjoy!!!  Smile 
By Nadia - 7/27/2012 9:55:02 AM
Lisa, Megs is correct.  You are the one we look up to.  You are knowledgeable and you help us to be successful in the long term.