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By Nadia - 5/27/2011 4:26:00 PM
Dear Bari Buddies,

What kind of exercise do you do regularly?

Please give feedback.


By MegsBlueEyes - 5/31/2011 6:19:31 AM
Hi Nadia -

I am currently training for a 10K race in July - so, I have joined a running group with my gym.  We run Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.  I am currently running/jogging/walking about 6-8 miles per week.  We are three weeks into a fifteen week program.

On my non-running days, I try to get some time in on the bike & also the eliptical & some of the weight machines for the arms.

Keep up the good work w/ all of your daily exercising.

It's important to not only get in cardio, but to also incorporate strength/weight training!

Best of luck to ya!
By Nadia - 6/1/2011 12:40:17 AM
Wow Megs!  You are doing great.  Someday I will get to your level if I push myself.

Right now, I run/jog/walk 5 miles daily and 7 miles on weekends plus Monday nights with First Strides (Cougars). 

I lift 5 lb. weights while watching tv programs.  On Fridays I do yoga in addition to my running to counteract the activity with tranquility and balance.

My next 5K run is on June 11th in Hanover Twp.  My goal is to run at least 5 more 5Ks before progressing longer distances such as 10K and eventually a half marathon.  I hope that I can achieve this if I really push myself hard.

During my summer vacation a litle later this month, I will do lots of uphill hiking to the "Top of Europe".

I cannot believe that I will be celebrating my 2nd bariversary already on June 30th.  How time flies.  It feels as though Dr. Holland just operated on me yesterday!

I'd like to know what others are doing for exercise because I may want to try other new things as well.
By Leyda - 6/8/2011 7:46:19 PM
Hello I am new here at the forum and still not sure how this really works but I saw your post and it was interesting to see that you can pretty much talk about anything.

Before I decided to take this step I didn't exercise at all but since making this very important decision I now park the car further away from the store entrances, try to go for walks a few times a week (kind of hard to schedule with 4 children) and also was given the advice to play boxing game on the Wii game let me tell you It sure does make you work out a sweat hahahaaha!! On my bad days that I can't stand for long because I have severe arthritis on ankle I can still box while sitting down and get a little work out. I am amazed to hear how much energy some of you have. I hope someday I can have that energy.

God bless,

By Nadia - 6/9/2011 12:49:09 AM
Welcome Leyda.  Thanks for posting.  With 4 small children it would be difficult to get in the exercise, but you are making a great effort by parking further and walking several times a week.  Would it be possible to do a family walk with your children?  Sometimes when I am walking or jogging, I see other joggers pushing strollers or people walking/running with their dogs in the park.  That would be killing 2 birds with 1 stone because you could get your exercise in daily and the children would learn fitness and to be active through their family walking together.

Did you have your surgery yet?  If so, with which doctor and what kind of surgery?

Every change that we adopt to move our body is progress.  Prior to the RNY, my knees would hurt terribly and I thought that I had rheumatory arthritis because my mother had it for many years until her death in 1993.  It turns out for me that after losing around 45 pounds, one day I became painfree in my knees.  So in my case, the inflammation in the body was caused by the fat and accumulated toxins and my inflammatory conditions actually miraculously disappeared through the weight loss of 45 pounds and never came back.

All I know is the more we move our bodies, the better it is for our health.

By Jim - 6/10/2011 5:20:20 AM
I've been playing tennis with some coworkers, and during the colder months we went to a local gym to work out there.