Lack of Support
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By cat5dog1 - 11/12/2010 6:50:39 AM
I just want to make a comment on my feelings on the lack of support from Sacred Heart.  I had my surgery 7 years ago at Sacred Heart.  At that time the support group was comprised of any one who had gastric bypass surgery and was very large and overwhelming.  Apparently I got lost.  When I had asked for dietary help I was told that I was too far out (1 year) and would have to pay.  I remained on the email list through several different coordinators.  However, recently someone asked for an update on my status and I was honest.  I explained that I was able to maintain my loss through my daughter's brain tumor surgery and recovery.  But when both of my parents took ill and through their death I regained my loss rather rapidly.  Even though I had gone through counseling for several years it appears that I never conquered my emotional eating.  It reared its ugly head during my parents illness and my subsequent loss of both of my parents within 9 months.  Also I was put on Effexor during this time and don't know if that had anything to do with it.  For various reasons I have gone off the Effexor and have recently lost 15 lbs rather rapidly.  Well anyway my point is that after I was honest about my maintenance it appears I was taken off the email list and do not get any notices of meetings nor updates.  So it makes me feel that Sacred Heart likes the people who have losses and maintain them and not the people who need help.
By biggie01261958 - 11/13/2010 9:14:56 AM
I dont beleive thats the case i think sacred heart has gone through a lot of transitions,  It a two way street you have to be proactive when it comes to your weight loss and the keeping it off its a tool to use ultimately its up to you Im sure if you had called someone would have gladley helped you ive been with sacred heart support team since 2005 and ive never felt abandon they are just a phone call awayand through the years  ive heard a few cordinators say if you have any problems call us. I hope you do well with your weight loss you can relose, it i have gone up some and lost some of it im not all they way back but im not giving upweight problems are not going to run my life like it did before I am now a confident person i can look people in the eyes when i talk to them and not look down at ground from being beaten down about my weight, Please come to the Bariatric meetings  there are things that the support team can do for you to lose weight again have you tried the five day pouch test its in the archives in here some where just tpe in 5day pouch test,it really works
By diver989 - 11/13/2010 6:00:40 PM
I have to agree with both of you. There has been a lot of transitions since my surgery and a lot of issues that have been left on my plate as well.

Unfortunately a good number of friends had fallen away due to the different transitions that have come up in the past. One thing I can say is there has been numerous support groups to attend if you so choose. This tool is just that, a tool. We have to control what we put into our mouths.

Currently I am behind the eight ball with a knee injury and since I had to take steroids to get rid of the swelling because of the NSAID issue, I had put some weight back on. One issue is the gain from the med, but the other is my stress eating/carbs. I know the latter was my fault and I take full responsibility for this.

Now to the initial post, there needs to be more accountability on each person’s part, as well as, proper support for those of us that are outside of the honeymoon phase time period. I had attended a meeting and when this very question was addressed. We were told we don't know what to do for you all that are out a longer time.

This made us that were in attendance feel like we don't matter any longer so a group of us stopped going any longer to any support group. We kept in touch over the recent years via the internet, but as time went on, we slowly stopped communicating until someone would send out an email. There would be an on slot of mailings pertaining to the issue but it was shortly lived. Like a flash in the pan.

Since word of mouth advertising is essential to getting the message out, I would hope that this can be addressed and a lesson be learned. Most everyone that have been out there for some time will become less involved due to this very reason, lack of help.

If our issues of management are not addressed, it will come back to be a problem with people getting down on themselves and before you know it, This Thing Didn't Work! Then the program gets a black eye and everyone will eventually start looking elsewhere for help and the loss of positive advertising will hurt the program and facility.

My prayers for this program are, addressing issues that pertain to early post-op through long time recipients. This will keep everyone fresh with the process at their level of time out and those professionals will be better educated for issues along the time line.

Unfortunately every body is different and their dietary needs are also different. I know that protein, protein, protein is a given, however a cookie cutter plan for everyone surely has to be addressed and research needs to be done to help those out there any length of time struggling to maintain their hard fought efforts!

I know that from an advertising perspective, this can either make or break a good thing. We know that ultimately it is an individual responsibility, but when there are no further resources available people will start talking negatively and this will eventually affect everyone at some level or another.

Just my thoughts and not of the hospital or the bariatric program.

By GrlGeek80 - 11/14/2010 5:10:00 AM
Well said Mr. Bill.
I think you have put into words what I have been feeling for years now.

While I understand that there is a level of personal responsibility, I feel that I was dropped by the wayside years ago.

Hopefully we can get things turned around and get everyone back on track...without having to pay $200.00 for a Back on Track program!!


PS - Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!
By wildcat48 - 11/14/2010 2:29:49 PM
Mr Bill has said what ALOT of us that are further out from surgery are feeling.  I think that SHH should consider putting a support group together to help us. We know what we should do to not regain weight and we know what we need to do to keep weight off.  WE NEED SUPPORT!!! 

My husband and I are both 3 years out and are really struggling.......I reached out to the SHH bariatric program (we both went through our surgeries at SHH) and I was told to see the nutritionist and to excercise!!!  O.....and I was told that the Back on Track program would be starting up again.  OK so telling me things I already know and telling me to spend $$ on a back on track program?  HOW IS THAT SUPPORTIVE?

I am hoping that SHH opens their eyes and sees that there is a need for a new support group.  We were good enough to support before and right after our surgery but now, at 3 years out, we are left high and dry.  I feel like we post ops arent bringing them any $$ in, so they dont need to support us?!?!?!  (just being honest)

Jenn and Darin
By MegsBlueEyes - 11/15/2010 9:43:25 AM
Hey All - I tried posting on this last week, and for some reason wasn't able to.  I think I ended up sending the original poster an email b/c I couldn't get anything else to work.

I agree with what everyone has stated so far.  For me, it was all about personal responsibility.  When I went through SHH program with Doctor Holland (May of 2007) the program was in transisition of losing the manager (Karen).  As the new program came into view, I believe that I got the support I needed.  I made friends quickly, posted a TON on the forum & got involved in EVERYTHING & ANYTHING I could, via in-network & out-of-network (having little get togethers with my new bari-friends, etc...).  When the program diminished & doctors & staff left (Dec of 2007 into Jan of 2008) I follwed my surgeon to his new location.  I attended one or two of SHH's meeting; but b/c at that time, the LAP BAND was the only surgery being performed, I felt as though those meetings would not help me.

For the past two years, I have regularly stuck with the meetings where I felt most comfortable.  W/ the help of MySpace and Facebook & other social media, I have been able to connect with lots of bari-buddies......I held myself accountable, and because of that, I have been able to manage my weight loss fairly well. 

I had two extra surgeries over the past two years, which I was not happy about, but they have only made me stronger & more wiser to this surgery.  I do believe that support groups should be based MORE on post-op then pre-ops.  That has to be recognized.  SHH used to host smaller meetings in my area, where it was more of a "round table" event, where we could share information, rather than just hearing someone speak of exercise, or food prep or whatever.....

I believe more research needs to be done for people who are 3+ years out - b/c the "newness" has worn off, rules are broken, and lifestyles go back to what they were pre-op.......I don't think any back to track program should cost patients extra money; but lets face it, it is all about business.  What needs to happen; is the ongoing support through the team on a continual basis (keeping in contact with patients over the years via email & follow-up appointments, etc....).

I will be more than willing to help out in any way email is and my cell is 570-657-6920....

By Kathy RN - 11/16/2010 12:01:02 PM
Hello Everybody,

My name is Kathy.  I am a Director at SHH, and have been for 18 years.  I was asked a few months ago to get involved again in the bariatric program.  I have followed the program (sometimes closely, other times from a distance) through the years.  Like any program it has had it's ups and downs.  I respect each one of you and your opinions to see the program succeed as well as support you in your own successions. 

From what I am hearing, everyone feels they would benefit from an additional support group.  Would you suggest that it is just for post-ops?  Would you suggest it is for post-ops after one year, for post-ops struggling?  I would love to hear from you, your ideas for a solution.  Please feel free to e-mail me at  I will compile the reponses at the end of the month and report on them at the team meeting, so we at Sacred Heart, can serve you better and support you on your continued journey.

Everyone have a great night and stay dry!
By diver989 - 11/28/2010 1:03:38 PM
Unfortunately I will not make the December meeting. I am having surgery on my right knee again!!! Sheesh...

I hope those that are able to attend will offer your thoughts to help us remain on track. We didn't go through this to be flashes in the pan with a tremendous weight loss to gain it back.

I am also hoping that those of us long time post-op'ers and the bariatric team will post about the outcome to help those of us that have been out multiple years. We are in need of support more so than those in the hunnymoon phase. This is when it really gets interesting and we need all the encouragement we can muster.

I asked, please post about the event and the meeting. I need your posts to keep on track and remain encouraged!!!

God's blessings to everyone here. BigGrin

By Lisa RD - 12/2/2010 4:48:12 AM
Hi Bill- I would be happy to see you to discuss some of your issues and struggles. Too bad you weren't at the October support group where I spoke about "Getting Back on Track."  You can call 4928 to schedule an appt with me. The team has been discussing the comments posted on this forum and are working on a plan to help long-term post-ops as a group. I was very surprised and disappointed to read that someone said  "We can't help you you're too far out."  Angry     Good luck with your knee surgery!   Lisa
By Kathy RN - 12/3/2010 7:38:15 AM

I haven't heard from anyone regarding what they would specifically like to see for post-op patients.  We are happy to meet and plan if we understand the needs of the patients that are having problems.  Again, please feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions you may have about post-op bariatric support groups.

By MegsBlueEyes - 12/3/2010 10:20:43 AM
I think overall - any type of 'extra' support that can be given to post-ops 3+ years out would be great.  Wether it be (free) classes/programs or smaller, more intimate group sessions specifically designed for post-op (so far out) patients......

A smaller group setting for those of us that want to just share, is a good idea.  What works best for us, what we're struggling with, how has your body image changed since your surgery, plastic surgery discussion, post-op medical care, follow-up with doctor(s)/surgeon(s), multi-vitamins, the importantance of staying well hydrated, having a well-balanced diet (of not just protein) but a mix of healthy lean protein first, along with fresh fruits/veggies & complex (not simple) carbs, staying active throughout your life, ways of coping with stress post-op, change of relationships (marital, family, friends, etc...), lifestyle change(s) that were made, coping mechanisms in general, eating well through lifes ups & downs, meausuring foods, etc.......recognizing goals that were set & achieved (both weight & non-weight goals), the importance of food is not a after weight loss surgery (sharing of recipes).....the importance of food journaling long-term post-op, sharing of general information (web forums, blogs, websites, articles, etc...)

The back on track program(s) are good - but I personally don't believe patients should be charged; unless maybe they are NOT a specific patient of that program/hospital/facility/practice, should be an on-going support system......maybe have a program where there are weigh-ins, accountability, etc....
By diver989 - 12/6/2010 8:28:21 AM
Sorry for my lack of posting and being here lately. I have been working on my leg issue in the rehab very extensively to have a very good outcome with surgery this week. I also have been touring colleges with my daughter since she has a big decision of where she wants to attend.

So that being said, I agree with Megs! Thanks for taking the time and putting your thoughts onto the forum! I  can't agree with you more Megs!

I am embarrassed to say that with this injury and the predisone puff that started my gain, I have been having a very hard time controlling my carb intake!

With surgery two days away, I don't want to do anything with diet right now except try to decrease my carb intake. I know protein is the building blocks and a balanced diet is key, but I know I am stressing about the surgery and I am having a tough time controlling my stress hunger!

I look forward to doing a 5 DPT as soon as I get myself back up and walking without issues. I train hard with interval cardio and I love bike riding! However right now I am just glad that I am where I am with my knee and the amount of training that I have been doing at rehab.

If it wasn't for those blasted carbs that make us more hungry! SHEESH! Lot's of hard work seems to be heading in the wrong direction. I, however, will over come this too!

I love the way thin feels and now with cloths feeling snug, this is my inspiration to get back onto track ASAP! I just need everyone's support and unconditional kick in the pants to keep me focused!

Lisa, I hope to be in touch with you in the near future. Thanks for the offer.

By wildcat48 - 12/7/2010 8:21:17 AM
Sorry to hear about your surgery, BILL!  I was hoping to see you at the SHH meeting tomorrow!

I agree with Megs and Bill in their above response on what we need in a new support group.  Maybe we dont need the doctors input at each meeting but we sure do need some sort of monthly support group to keep us motivated and to hear eachothers encouragement and daily struggles.

We need to remind eachother of why we did this surgery in the first place and to keep on track!  I hope to see my "bari-buddies" at the meeting tomorrow night!!

By diver989 - 12/7/2010 2:53:13 PM
Thanks Jenn and Hello Everyone!

I am looking forward to January and the beginning of a new start. I have been trying to keep as active as I can but I do have limitations. After tomorrow, I believe I will be back to form shortly after since I have been working my butt off during this pre-op time.

Once I get back into the swing I am going to put a challenge out to those of us that have slipped from what we need to be doing.

I have the old pictures still here reminding me of what I was like before this great tool. Now we just have to get back onto track and re-commit to being sold out to a healthier lifestyle and enjoy how thin feels once again.

It is all about regaining the mentality of being sold out to health and doing what we need to do to accomplish this. I know I am far from happy with the way I feel right now. I know I slipped and take full responsibility for my lack of good sound judgement with what I put in my mouth. I have to be that inspiration for my family and friends to advocate healthy eating habits, healthy and exciting exercise, and enjoying life the way we should.

So I need you all to be my encouragement during this time, and I can assure you that I will be the biggest cheerleader for everyone once I am back on my feet without restrictions! Those that know me know that I love to exceed challenges and get excited about the process. When one is excited and another captures that also, the majority of the group will be unstoppable! IT BECOMES CONTAGIOUS!!!! The roof is going to be lifted off SHH once we get going and IT BECOMES CONTAGIOUS!!!

So who is with me? The notice is being sent out to everyone on this forum. Let this be fair warning of what a group of people can do when we all get our mind and spirit into such a MIGHTY HEALTHIER MOVEMENT!!!

God's Blessings to you all and I thank everyone in advance for your prayers for me for tomorrow with getting fixed up...
By Kathy RN - 12/7/2010 4:16:24 PM
WOW!  Thanks for all the input you have given the team to work with.  You certainly are a group of positive people, LOVE IT!  Give the team a few days to gather some information and come up with a plan to roll out.  While everyone is giving feedback, would a specific night work, time?? Hope to see some of you Wednesday night at the fashion show ~ it is going to be a great night.

Good luck on your knee surgery, hope all goes well, and post soon to let us know.
By MegsBlueEyes - 12/8/2010 3:56:06 AM
I'm in for just about any night.....I would just prefer not the 3rd Wed of any month, that's all. 

I'm with you Bill - let's get this program back to being top notch!!!!  (we can do this).  We have signed up for a lifetime committment - let's stick to it!!  I'm here to help anyone, anytime!!!  Smile
By GrlGeek80 - 12/8/2010 4:55:08 AM
I am also game for any night.

I dropped off the face of the gastric bypass planet being that my surgery was 7 yrs ago and I just felt like the support I needed was not there.

But, now I am up about 35lbs from where I want to be and I really need the support and guidance to get back to where I want to be.

My schedule is crazy..single mommy, working full time, school...but I am sick and tired of the sluggishness that this extra 30 lbs is doing to me.

I am with Meg. More intimate groups with people who are atleast 3 years out. I just feel that those who are so far out are a completely different breed. We are past that honeymoon phase..we are more "normal" feeling, and sadly, I have found that some, including myself, have lost that "go get em" attitude that we had at the beginning.

I would love to try and make it out tonight! I have not been to a support group in over 2 years.
By SunnyGemini110 - 12/15/2010 11:55:35 PM
What about starting a new forum on this website.   

The title:    1 yr post op .   2 yr post op.  3 yr post op.  and so forth. 

It wouldn't be exclusively for post op but, it would be most likely used the 
most by  how many years the members have been post op surgery. 
By SunnyGemini110 - 12/16/2010 12:00:15 AM
Hi Megs !   I just read your post.  Why did the program diminish during,
'07 and '08 ?  Why did Dr. Holland leave ?    Thank you !
By MegsBlueEyes - 12/16/2010 4:36:55 AM
There were a lot of transitions going on.  When I had my surgery, the program coordinator (Karen) was in the process of taking care of her sick father (I think) in FL.  I had my surgery in May of 2007 and didn't really have the support I thought I should have.  The Social worker (I think her name was Kristin) was getting ready to go on maternity leave (again, I THINK) so a new staff was brought in (Terri Davis, Debb Montgomery) and then Maureen M. was also with the program.  With working with Lisa Close (dietician) and Terri, Maureen & Debb, the program seemed to take off very well.  Meetings went great, lots of attendance, lots of interesting topics.  Well, at the end of 2007 - Maureen & Terri both gave their resignations b/c they were starting a new program for St. Luke's Allentown.  At the time, Debb was caring for a sick parent as well, and she had left.  Also, within weeks, Doctor Holland moved over to St. Luke's Allentown as well.  At  that point, a lot of support group people moved with Holland & Staff to St. Luke's (me included).  I did go to the first SHH meeting; but at the time, they had only been doing Lap Band; not RNY, so I felt kinda "out of place" as I'm not a 'bander'. 

Anyhow, as the long story goes; St. Luke's did not renew Holland's contract & thus, he's back once again at SHH (THANK THE GOOD LORD ABOVE)!  I will continue to go to St. Luke's meetings b/c that's where my "bari-family" is located; however, I will be coming back to SHH meetings as often as I can, to offer support & get support & see some of my new bari-family & "old" as well.  We must all sick together during this time! 

I like the idea of having new sub-topics by year; however, that could make the forum way to lengthy; but maybe have it categorized in more general terms (like 1 year post up & under) 2-3 years post op, 4+ years, etc....I like your idea - that's a good one. 
By Carol1207 - 12/22/2010 9:25:08 AM
Hi Kathy, Lisa and everyone! 

I'm one of the "far out" patients who got lost in the shuffle a few years ago.  I'm so glad Bill and the others posted and, of course, Megs - our biggest cheerleader!!!  She's truly an inspiration for us old timers. 

I used to attend the support meetings FAITHFULLY and that's where I met all my bari-friends.  I so looked forward to the meetings each month and my weight was steady.  I'm sure you know what happened when the docs and other SHH team members left and the whole new support group fiasco took place that took a lot of us AWAY from SHH and then we were dumped.  We've been floating around for about 2 years now, trying to keep in touch as Bill mentioned with email strings of encouragement here and there.

I think we need support, but can't quite put our finger on "what we need."  I think the main thing is the camaraderie of our fellow post-oppers with a get together (can be informal, not a "meeting").  I think we did most of our networking AFTER the meetings in the breakout room during refreshments!  LOL!!!  Everyone is more relaxed and chatty.  THAT'S WHAT I MISS!!!!!  We all know the rules, etc.  We just need "encouragement" again.  Two years ago, I would have NEVER missed a support group meeting!!! 

I'm one of the people who feels the "support" group meetings are tailored more toward new patients or people "considering" surgery and we were the advertisements of how well the surgery works.  Newbies are still excited and in awe of losing weight, but they have no idea what they're in store for...yes, it's a tool, but we need the psyche to keep up our enthusiasm!!!

What can we do to get back the enthusiasm and dedication we all had??  I don't know.  Megs never lost it...we want to find it again.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help get something going.  Last I remember, there was some sort of group, but they were charging admission or whatever they called it.  That totally turned me off so don't point me in that direction.

Thanks for listening.  I'm making a effort to get bacl on the forum and get back in the swing of things.

Have a wonderful holiday!!!!!

Carol Chorney (GBS 4/08 w/Doc Sawyna)  90 lbs. lost, 20 regained (boo hoo)
By MegsBlueEyes - 12/22/2010 10:15:31 AM
Carol -

My long-"lost" friend & FB buddy!!!  (I did email you back)!!


I agree with everything you said, and yes, I don't think I ever "lost it" because I remained active within my "circle" of bari-buds & groups.  I continued the friendships by going to hosted events, going to groups & just being social & up-beat/out there & now the jobs of Facebook certainly help as well.

I have gained 10 back of the 110 I lost and will do everything in my power to not let it go higher than that.  We can all do this.

I like your informal "meeting" idea - that's what I was talkin' about when I said a smaller meeting geared only towards post-op (so many years out), etc......

Let's do this!!! 
By GrlGeek80 - 12/23/2010 5:10:35 AM

I miss you my dear!!!

I agree with you completely! I am coming up on 7 years and I agree with everything you said! I have completely lost "it" and dont know how to get back to it.

I want something, but I dont want to attend the big "advertisement" support groups. Like you say, they are geared towards the pre-ops and newbies and I can't stand it! There is never any mention of the regain that is common with RNY, etc.

Aaargh! Its so frustrating!

I am so hoping that more intimate 3+ plus groups will come about. Only those kind of people will truely understand what we are going through.

I am up 35 lbs, and NEED to get it off. Its driving me nuts

(plus on a completely selfish note, gotta look good for all those new boys now that I am single again Wink
By Carol1207 - 12/23/2010 5:59:27 AM
Please forgive me GlGeek, but who are you???  I don't recognize your name.  Unsure
By GrlGeek80 - 12/23/2010 6:20:06 AM
LOL, sorry Carol! I switched up names Smile

Its Jess, MamaJ..Sarrahs mommy! I go by all of them these days
By diver989 - 12/23/2010 6:32:33 PM
Wow! I am so excited about the return of us old timers!!!

I know we had tried to keep the support going via email for a while but with our schedules and you can see when I am actually posting, it is crazy for most of us.

From all of us from our little group, I am so happy that most of us stay in contact for the most part! I know we try our hardest but where does the time go? We just have to take that day once a month and all get together again with some help from those that may have some new answers for us.

We have expressed our concerns and the hospital staff have heard our cry! I am so excited that more are feeling the same way and we do need something taylored to the long time out community.

Well I am happy to say that I have again went through the 5DPT and it was just in a nick of time with this holiday season. I was again addicted to carbs! Those darn steroids that helped me get the inflammation out of my knee, also helped me get really addicted to eating more and before I knew it I was in that carb cycle and seeing the scale go up.

I am happy to say that I am back on track and with rehab for my knee, I have been doing more and more at therapy! I just have to watch what I do and how aggressively I do it. Those that know me know what I am talking about!!! LOL

I am just bummed out because I may miss my ice diving opportunity this year. That is the pits!!!!! I LOVE DIVING!!!

Well any how, if I don't get back in here, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas with all of God's blessing!!! You all are the best!

Lots of love!

By Meg - 12/29/2010 7:27:04 AM
Thank you all for your input and advice. We will do our best to take all of your suggestions into consideration when planning our future Support Groups! Our next Support Group is Wednesday January 12th at 7pm on the 2nd floor in the auditorium. We would love to see you all there! We are having two post op patients speak of their experience and all are welcomed to chime in as well. The rest of the time we will have Open Forum. We will also have with us a representative from Protica which is a nutritional research firm specializing in the development of capsulized foods (dense nutrition in compact liquid and food forms). Protica manufactures Profect, IsoMetric, Pediagro, Fruitasia, and Proasis. Their customers include weight loss surgery patients, diabetics, renal care patients, health enthusiasts, exercise enthusiasts, dieters, and many other protein-conscious consumers. They are very excited to inform everyone about their product and will also have products available to purchase if desired. The best part is, they area local company located in Whitehall. So we are happy to have them with us for this support group. Hope to see you all at the next Support Group, may you all have a very Happy New Year!

~Meghan, RN~
By tinalouise - 12/30/2010 12:49:29 PM
Hi, Meghan!

Hope you, Lisa and the staff have a blessed new year. I'm off-line because of a computer virus but I think I have an appt. on the 5th and look forward to seeing you all there. Miss you guys!

By Meg - 1/4/2011 10:35:34 AM
Thanks Tina! Nice to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed your holidays as well! Yes you do have an appt on the 5th so we look forward to seeing you then! Take care! Also, will you be joining us for our January 12th Support Group, hope to see you there as well!

By Lisa RD - 1/5/2011 7:38:29 AM
Well I did lots of what I thought was posting yesterday and instead was emailing individuals. For those of you who are 3+ years out -we hear you!!  It is apparent that many of you can't make the 2nd Wednesday of each month and that you are looking to just chat and share experiences rather than listen to a speaker or dietitian Cool lecture about what you should and shouldn't do. You can pick a night and meet here at Sacred Heart in a room in the conference center. If you would ever WANT a speaker we can do our best to provide one that meets your needs. I know Meg is interested in "leading" the group. How would the second Tuesday or Thursday of the month at 7 work for you?? Let me know and I can arrange it for you.   Lisa
By MegsBlueEyes - 1/5/2011 9:00:13 AM
I'm actually "IN" for whatever night - so you let me know!!!  I think a Tues or Thurs would be great.  :-) 
By diver989 - 1/5/2011 4:17:16 PM
I agree Tuesday or Thursday would be a welcomed choice.

Thank you Lisa for hearing our cry! Not that we don't want to be involved with the regular night, it is a special night for the interested and those that are new to having their tools. We all needed that managed support in our early days. That is huge for giving confidence for recipients to get through the early days up to that ending of the hunny moon period, as well as, those coming to check it out to see if it is for them. Everyone's mind is put in the right place to become healthier. It is also important for the new recipients to have the rules of the pouch engrained into their minds so they have that very foundation to stand on.

I know, I know we all had the same opportunity, but as we get out longer, things seem to become more tolorable and we do stray. Though we all need a kick in the pants at some point or another, I know for myself, I need to hear what my friends have to say about their results of what worked for them and what didn't. We also share our good ideas to see if these ideas work for others too.

I know I welcome any of the newer recipients questions and would love to share our experiences. This way everyone achieves more!

All of us old timers need to keep each other accountable and now is the important time to start. We are ready.

So, thanks to the Bariatric Team for hearing us old timers and helping us develop, not only a group for those out longer, but making the whole Bariatric experience user friendly for everyone.
By wildcat48 - 1/11/2011 5:17:27 AM
Thursdays would work good for Darin and I!  This is great, very exciting.  Hope to see everyone soon.

By MegsBlueEyes - 1/11/2011 6:30:44 AM
I like the idea for a Thursday evening!!!  Smile 
By Lisa RD - 1/12/2011 6:56:15 AM
Looks like Thursday night is it! I will get a room for you-just let me know if 7 is good or a different time. Also if you can just post or email me if you are coming so I get the appropriate sized room. If there are only 5 of you right now, I'd prefer a smaller room. It obviously won't be the auditorium but there are different room choices. Of course you can just show up without telling us, I'm just looking for an approximate number.  Now if I can put my 2 cents inBigGrin   You can't expect to start doing everything "RIGHT" again all at once. Make a list of your downfalls and work on one or two a month, then keep adding on each month.  Also don't forget to think and talk about WHY you are eating-remember we eat for MANY reasons other than hunger-you may have to deal with those issues first.   OK that's it for now, but sometimes I just can't help giving advice-perhaps it's the motherly part of meSmile
By MegsBlueEyes - 1/12/2011 9:51:11 AM
I think 7pm would be great!!!  That keeps with the times of our regular meetings......

Thanks for the advice Lisa.  It's always great to hear what others have to say.

Is there a "master email list" in the office that is used for patients?  I know I recieved one or two from staff members in the past few months.  Maybe a "mass email" should be sent out - to hype up this "new group".  I think it would be best to be smaller & more intimate, but I wouldn't want anyone out there who is struggling to be denied the opportunity either.  I would say it's probably going to be similar to what we did in the past, up at Palmerton.  Somewhere between 5-15 people; maybe more maybe less (hopefully not less).  Any size room that would allow up to 20 would be great.  It's a start anyhow. 

Would it be possible to have (any) staff available for the first night; as an "opener"?  I am willing to facilitate, as I'm sure Bill and Jess & others will help out as well.  I have some ideas in my mind but any other ideas out there will be more than appreciated!!!

I think a specific "Thursday" of the month would be good.  Once a month is fine as well.  Hopefully we can "rope in" people utilizing other social media, like Facebook & email, etc.....We can keep in contact during the "in between time" using those things.....

I would prefer maybe the first or last Thursday of the month - either is fine with me.  The 2nd Wed & the 3rd Wed are tied up with other meetings; so staying away from those weeks would be good.
By diver989 - 1/13/2011 5:28:29 AM
I am in agreement with the Thursday evening at 7PM.

As far as ideas and objectives, we may want to consider some input from those wanting to attend. This way we can set an agenda for support group night, as well as having ideas for upcoming months as well.

Megs, you made a good point about an email list. This surely will help promote our night and we can get an idea of room size for the first meeting night for those wanting to attend.

As it has been stated a 1000 mile journey starts with taking that first step forward.

By Lisa RD - 1/13/2011 8:29:32 AM
Hows the 4th Thursday of the month?
By GrlGeek80 - 1/13/2011 10:14:26 AM
Wow, I have been out of touch with this topic for a few weeks and just saw it exploded again.

I, as on old timer, would love to be involved in this thursday night group.

Can ya fit me in, too? Wink

By MegsBlueEyes - 1/13/2011 11:23:57 AM
4th Thursday sounds good to me, Lisa!!!!!

Jess - this is going to be a "get back on track" (FREE) program for us old-timers, 3+ years post-op.  A more small intimate group of helping each other find our way back to the lifestyle we should be continually leading!  I look forward to seeing you there.  More details to come!!!

By diver989 - 1/14/2011 3:42:12 AM
Sounds great to me as well.
By MegsBlueEyes - 1/14/2011 6:55:43 AM
Our first meeting then, will be on Thursday, February 24th, 7pm.  Lisa Close will get us details as to where we are to meet!!!!!
By wildcat48 - 1/17/2011 8:31:45 AM
I was so excited about our cries for help finally being heard and a new meeting being set-up!  However, since it will be the last Thursday of the month, Darin and I will not be able to attend these meetings.

He is the Vice-President and Captian for the Klecknersville Fire  Department and they have their monthly business meetings the last Thursday of each month at 7pm!  There is no way he can miss those.

I understand that it is difficult to chose a day/time that everyone can attend meetings, but I request to make it the third thursday of the month.  If it is possible to change that would be fantastic, but I dont want to cause alot of trouble with the change.

THANKS and I appreciate you considering my request!

By MegsBlueEyes - 1/17/2011 9:04:06 AM
Jenn -

I replied to your email and CC'd Lisa Close as well.

Would it be possible to make the meetings if they were the 1st Thurs of the month???

Since I am the "facilitator" of the group (with the help of Lisa, of course, and many others) The 3rd Thurs is just not feasible for me. 

I plan on attending SHH's regular meetings which are the 2nd Wed of the month.  I also continue to actively participate in St. Luke's monthly meetings; which are the 3rd Wed of the month.  Two days driving to Allentown from Palmerton is just not workable for me - not fair to my dog or my gas tank (stupid economy). 

If Lisa is willing to move the meeting to the 1st Thurs - would you be able to participate? 

THanks much!

By MegsBlueEyes - 1/18/2011 6:34:10 AM

We switched to the first Thursday of the month instead.

Hope this works out for everyone!

Stay tuned.......
By Kathy RN - 1/19/2011 4:40:49 PM
Hi everybody,

I am just getting caught up on the postings.  I have been out of bariatrics for a few weeks now and had to come back and see where things were headed.  The last meeting I was involved in was the one to get extra support, I am so glad to see it took off.  I wish all of you the best of luck and hope your journey gets back on track!  Maybe I'll see everyone around the conference center on that first Thursday of the month.  If I am in the area, I'll pop in and say hello.

The best of luck to all of you.
By MegsBlueEyes - 1/21/2011 5:25:54 AM
Kathy - glad to see you back on here Smile  Yes, our meeting is going to take off and hopefully soar.  LOL!  Hope to see you - stop by anytime Smile
By Nadia - 2/3/2011 2:37:05 PM
Kathy, The topics that would interest me would be: 

1.   psychology topics relating to bariatric weight loss and body image.

2.   exercise and fitness.

3.   new bariatric recipes.

4.   social gatherings for bariatric patients to have opportunities to make new friends.

5.   ongoing education in the field of bariatrics.

6.   sample menus.

7.   recommendation of reading resources pertaining to bariatrics.