tv break through
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By biggie01261958 - 2/12/2010 4:45:21 AM
I found something about about my self, I eat mindlessly when i watch tv, heres how i found it out and realized it.I bought a lap top and put it  in the kitchen and im like back on line a lotnow so i go to this new chat site and meet some friends andbeen chatting alot  welll istopped watching tv all together now guess what i eat my supperand rarely snack it just became a relization the last week or so on the scaleso i key the key point is turn th etv off and keep busy   ill keep you posted on my progressoh yea now ill have to incorporate some excerise to make work better   by for now jim!!!!!!!!!!     Smile
By clancyk - 2/12/2010 6:09:59 AM
Sounds like a great idea ... We're gonna have to try that ...