Be Uncomfortable
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By MegsBlueEyes - 1/5/2009 8:46:12 AM
Weight Loss Surgery Daily Inspiration for January 5, 2009
Katie Jay, MSW

Be uncomfortable.

When you want to change, it is impossible to be comfortable all the time. Change makes your brain work harder and sometimes your body, too. When you are making a change, you can't go on automatic pilot, which means you are going to be mentally present and conscious of what you are doing. You also have to make the effort to move your body in a different direction.

To stop grazing, for example, you have to make a plan and pay attention to what you are eating in the moment. You also must interrupt old patterns, choosing to avoid the kitchen in the evening, or driving a route to work that doesn't pass Starbucks. You will be inconvenienced, frustrated, anxious, and maybe even annoyed. These uncomfortable emotions can sabotage your efforts to change. So, allow yourself to be uncomfortable and accept the process.

Action for the day:  Identify something about your WLS lifestyle you want to change. Think about the ways in which you will be uncomfortable during your process of change. Spend a few minutes visualizing yourself handling the discomfort in a healthy, self-loving way. Do this visualization for a few days to prepare for your change -- and then go for it.

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