Refocus your needs
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By MegsBlueEyes - 12/29/2008 7:13:50 AM
Weightloss Surgery Daily Inpirations for December 29, 2008

Refocus on your needs.


Have you been so busy you forgot to take care of yourself? If so, it's time to regroup.


The longer you live the WLS lifestyle, the less urgent it seems to make healthy choices. But when you disregard your own needs, even to care for others, you do yourself--and them--a disservice. Today, remind yourself that your WLS lifestyle is effective only when you stop and acknowledge you have the disease of obesity, and that you need to be treating it whether you are overweight or not.


Action for the day: Take a few minutes today to plan what you will do to refocus on your health needs in the coming year. Write down your plans and refer to them often.