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Sacred Heart Pharmacy

The SH Pharmacy provides high quality pharmaceutical services in the home, assisted living and long-term care settings. We provide a retail prescription service that specializes in medications that are not normally stocked or compounded at the typical pharmacy. These include biotech pharmaceuticals, numerous vaccines, inhalation therapy and many medications often used in physicians offices.

PharmacyWe also provide numerous intravenous therapies administered in the home setting. These include: Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), pain management, antibiotics, hydration and cardiac medications.

In addition, SH Pharmacy provides oral medications to several long-term care and assisted living facilities in the region. In the assisted living environment, we utilize "The Medicine on Time" packaging system to ensure accurate administration of medication and high patient compliance.

SH Pharmacy hours:

Monday 7:30am-6pm
Tuesday-Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 9am-12pm

(610) 776-4999


Anand Patel, Pharm.D

Chad Jarrah, Pharm.D