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Pain Management

Sacred Heart HealthCare System provides pain management services for a variety of spinal conditions and other conditions.

Gene V. Levinstein, M.D., DABPMR, DABPM
Director of Pain Management
Dr. Levinstein is a board certified specialist and fellowship-trained in interventional spine and pain management. He is dedicated to excellence in both non-surgical and minimally invasive spinal pain treatments.

Fluoroscopy Guidance
All pain management procedures are performed under direct video fluoroscopy guidance. Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that obtains real-time moving images of your internal structures. The moving images are recorded and played on a TV monitor, helping Dr. Levinstein accurately identify and locate areas of pain.

New Patients
At your first visit, you are required to provide a complete medical history, including a list of current medications. Please bring copies of all films and test results to your appointment.

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