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Allentown Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ)

The Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ) is a special economic development program that encourages redevelopment and revitalization in a designated, 130 acre area in the City of Allentown.  The NIZ district is located in Center City Allentown and along the western bank of the Lehigh River.  It includes the entire Sacred Heart Hospital Campus and the Allentown Hockey Arena which is under construction.  It should be noted that this is the only economic development program of its kind in the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

The basic premise of this program is simple: taxes generated in this designated district will stay in this area and fund its redevelopment.  Select state and local tax revenues generated by new and existing businesses within the boundaries of the NIZ are now able to be applied to debt service on bonds and loans issued for qualifying capital improvements within the zone. 

The types of improvements and investments already approved include the public-private arena complex at Seventh and Hamilton streets, other private commercial, retail, residential, hospitality and development of other key industries including health care for the approved applicants. 

NIZ Benefits to Allentown

  • New commerce, increased tourism, new companies
  • Thousands of new jobs
  • A strengthened, more collaborative community
  • A range of housing options
  • A distinctive, attractive, vibrant downtown
  • Smart growth that encourages multiple land uses while preserving open space and historic buildings

Sacred Heart Hospital is the only acute-care hospital that currently resides within the NIZ.  Because of this, we are in a unique position to reap the benefits of this one-of-a-kind economic development district.  Sacred Heart will be able to utilize this program to improve our facilities while offering exceptional opportunities to private physicians and physician groups who are looking to partner with the hospital. 

The NIZ is overseen and managed by the Allentown Neighborhood Improvement Zone Development Authority (ANIZDA).  For more information about the NIZ, please visit the City of Allentown’s website at and find the link to the NIZ on the left side of the page.  For more information about working with Sacred Heart Hospital, please contact Peter Schweyer at (610) 776-8700.

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